THE CAUE (english)

What is a Council for Architecture, Urbanism and Environment (CAUE) ?


The CAUE (Councils for Architecture, Urbanism and Environment) were created in 1977 following the law on architecture voted the same year, dictating that the quality of the living environment is of public interest.The law missioned the CAUE to inform, warn, counsel and educate. Their services are free of charge and unbiased as they are offered by independent professionals.

Their goal is to give an equal access to all to a local public service, both pedagogical, technical and cultural.

The 93 CAUE offer their services to local administrations, services of the State, professionals of planning and construction, teachers, and the general public (see videos on the right). They promote the highest standards in architecture, urbanism, landscape, energy efficiency and living environment.

The CAUE work on the scale of the French “départements” (a local administrative entity, dividing France into 100 of them), and are organized both locally and nationally thanks to their National Federation (FNCAUE). Each CAUE is led by a local elected representative.


The National Federation of the CAUE, taking the form of an association, connects the CAUE who are represented by its president.

The federation is a place of discussion, capitalization and mutualization of expertise. Externally, it ensures the representation, promotion and defense of the CAUE, develops partnerships on a national level and organizes meetings, congresses and conferences.

The FNCAUE bears the voices of the CAUE in national discussions surrounding the major issues linked to living environments, especially during the preliminary debates of legislative processes.

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